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vegan snacks

Vegan Snacks: 64 Delicious and Healthy Recipes

Here is a list of vegan snacks:1. Frozen Banana Pops A Couple Of Bananas Vegan Coconut Yogurt Crushed AlmondsCoconut FlakesSkewer Grab a couple of bananas and cut them in half. Put the skewer through them. Dunk in yogurt,completely covering them. Roll in crushed almonds and then coconut flakes.Stick in freezer for one hour.  You can use […]

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10 Smoothies With Kale That Actually Taste Good

Smoothies With Kale Recipes:​Coconut Green Smoothie 1 Cup Spinach 1 Cup Kale1 Banana2 Cups Pineapple2 Cups Coconut Water Blend the ingredients.3 Ingredient Simple Smoothie Half a Pineapple  Cup Of KaleCoconut Milk Blend the ingredients. Strawberry Banana Kale Smoothie 1 Chopped Banana 4-5 Chopped Strawberries Cup KaleCup SpinachCup MilkHoney Blend the ingredients.Kale Chocolate Smoothie 1 Banana Cup KaleTeaspoon […]

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